wild1 [ waıld ] adjective ***
▸ 1 not raised by humans
▸ 2 with storm
▸ 3 with strong emotions
▸ 4 not accurate/considered
▸ 5 where people do not live
1. ) a wild animal or plant lives or grows on its own in natural conditions and is not raised by humans:
The wild rose is a familiar sight in woods and fields.
This trait is common to both domestic and wild dogs.
2. ) if the weather or the ocean is wild, there is a storm with strong winds:
a wet and wild night
3. ) expressing or feeling strong emotions:
Hernandez entered the boxing ring to wild cheers.
wild with: The noise drove him wild with terror.
go wild: When Iverson scored, the fans went wild.
a ) exciting and enjoyable:
his wild student days
They have some pretty wild parties.
b ) INFORMAL very enthusiastic:
wild about: He's really wild about bluegrass music.
I'm not wild about the idea.
4. ) not accurate or not considered carefully:
wild accusations/claims
They make all sorts of wild promises, but nobody believes them.
a wild guess: I don't know, I'll have to make a wild guess.
a ) not accurately aimed:
a wild throw/shot/pitch
5. ) a wild area is one where people do not live or cannot live:
wild mountainous regions
not be wild about something
used for saying that someone does not like something or does not want to do something:
I'm not wild about the idea.
wild horses couldn't... SPOKEN
used for saying that you are very determined to do something or not do something:
Wild horses couldn't drag her away until she'd got an answer.
your wildest dreams
your thoughts about the best or worst thing that could happen:
This commercial promises to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd end up here.
╾ wild|ness noun uncount
wild 2 [ waıld ] adverb *
in a natural or uncontrolled way:
grow wild: I found these daisies growing wild in the meadow.
run wild: They just let their children run wild all summer long.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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